NFT Gaming Services

NFT Gaming Services

Hi there! My name is Bill and I’m the co-founder of BEAT esports which is one of the oldest esports tournament organizers in Canada. Recently, I’ve been involved in the NFT Gaming space.

I’m one of the co-founders of Sereia Scholarship which provides trustless and non collateralized loans to individuals to earn inside of Axie Infinity. You can learn more about Axie Infinity and scholarships on my site.

Check out some of my esports and non esports accomplishments here.

I am located in Toronto, Ontario Canada and my NFT event and gaming services are located outside of Canada as well upon request. If you’d like to book some time with me just contact me.

NFT Gaming

I’m the co-founder of BEAT esports which is one of the oldest esports tournament organizers in Canada. I’ve been in esports since 2011 and have worked with some of the largest names in esports.   I am one of the first event organizers in North America in the NFT Gaming space.

I can leverage some of my contacts to better assist you navigate the esports industry or give you strategic advice that your business might need to get to the next step. With the NFT Gaming space being so new, let’s work together to put on the best event possible.

Understand NFT gaming and if it’s beneficial for your business

Content generation, promotion and outreach

Industry best practices, trends and recommendations

Connecting with endemic NFT gaming talent, players and brands (in specific games)

NFT Gaming events

Looking to run an NFT Gaming event? Fear not, with my network I can offer turnkey solutions that will allow you take some of the stress out of planning. With over a decade of experience in esports events, I can leverage my experience or contacts to put on a smooth and worry free event.

Event logistics and planning in the NFT Gaming space

Event promotion, marketing and best practices for NFT events

Production and streaming best practices to ensure a smooth event

Support for multiple blockchains and platforms / games

Esports business development inside of NFT Gaming

Have an NFT Game that’s currently in beta? Want to nurture your esports program?
I bootstrapped BEAT esports with my co-founder and went from 500 total views for our first tournament to over 40 million views to date in 2020.  I have experience working with teams, developers and other industry contacts. Let’s work together to make your game the best it can be.

Growing your brand to attract esports viewership

Industry insights, best practices and knowledge

Engaging the correct partners to ensure sustained growth

Avoiding the pitfalls of esports

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