About Me


Hello! I’m an accomplished leader in the tech and gaming industries, currently driving success as the former CEO of BEAT esports and Founder of Elafros Consulting. My strategic expertise in DORA metrics and modern software delivery, underpinned by a PMP certification and agile qualifications, has been instrumental in achieving significant milestones, including the successful sale of my company in 2021. A recognized industry figure, I’ve made numerous high-profile speaking engagements and TV appearances, and have had the privilege of collaborating with industry titans such as Valve, Blizzard (a Microsoft company), and Twitch (an Amazon company) + more.

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Facts about me:
Favourite Show: The Wire
Favourite Game: Chrono Trigger
I really like basketball. I’ve played way too much Dota 2 and Path Of Exile.

Bill Elafros