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Invoicing and money in esports

Getting paid in esports

In today’s article, I’ll cover how to get paid in esports. Depending on your location, your contract and more, it could be as simple as requesting a PayPal and filing your taxes. If you deal internationally it could get messy and sending and keeping track of invoices is always a challenge. Please note, this is not legal tax advice but my experiences. Always consult an accountant for your esports company or lawyer for your legal questions. Step 1 – Contract So you’ve been able to get a sponsorship in esports and have some interest. You are now getting ready to

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How to get your esports team sponsored

I’m going to go through some quick examples of what to do and what not to do and how to potentially get your esports team sponsored. Another article I wrote has some general sponsorship guidelines in esports. Feel free to read that as well but this one will be specific to teams. OK, let’s begin! What NOT to do to get your esports team sponsored Don’t do any of these if you want a sponsorship in esports. It’s not to say you won’t get one but it’ll be that much harder if you do these. Don’t give an email with

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How to fund your esports tournament prize pool

Hosting a tournament is always a difficult initiative. You’ve planned your tournament, gotten approvals from the publisher in esports, and figured out a theoretical esports tournament organizer business model. So now it’s time to pay the bills and get some revenues in for your tournament. Here’s 5 ways to to bring in revenue as an esports tournament organizer. Charge Money / Have buy-ins This method is quite unpopular but i’ll lead with it for a specific reason. Outside of a few games this method is not really liked by a ton of players. Unlike poker, this has not caught on