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Hi there! My name is Bill and I’m the co-founder of BEAT esports which is one of the oldest esports tournament organizers in Canada. I’ve been in esports since 2011 and have seen a lot of changes.  I’ve worked with some of the largest names in esports. Check out some of my accomplishments here.

I am located in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Outside of my esports consulting services I also do agile coaching for organizations. I hold designations in traditional project managements (PMP), scrum and am a big fan of Kanban metrics. If you’d like to book some time with me just contact me.

Agile Coaching

I can help your organization understand software development best practices and how to achieve greater efficiency. Whether it’s coaching at an executive level or sitting down with teams; I can help facilitate discussions where needed in order to increase efficiency across your organization.    

I achieve the above by assessing the organization, discussing pain points and visualizing problems and delivery flow with data.

Organizational bench-marking via delivery metrics

Continuous process improvement in order to achieve greater team & customer satisfaction

Industry best practices, trends and recommendations

Assisting leadership to understand metrics and where they are and aren’t applicable

Team building & Software development

Whether you’re building app, website or something else. Software development is an incredible challenge that must be continuously worked on collaboratively. I can assist teams achieve greater performance via courageous discussions, team exercises, facilitation techniques and self realization.

Bench-marking organizational maturity and giving achievable and actionable recommendations

Working with development teams to achieve greater quality and speed to production

Facilitation techniques in the form of meetings, workshops and more

Promoting quality and DevOps best practices across the organization

Project Management

In addition to agile software development, I have knowledge in traditional waterfall project management as well. I can assist in the transition from waterfall to agile by suggesting best practices across the organization.

Assisting with transitioning from waterfall to agile project management

Industry insights, best practices and knowledge

Going through growing pains together while embracing change

Embracing agile software development best practices

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