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There is another new blockchain game in town, and it is as cute as the Axies. Developed by Laguna Games inc. Crypto Unicorn is focused on the adorable Unicorn NFTs, where players can farm, race, and battle to earn rewards. The game will be released officially this coming May 2022, though you can already hatch eggs right now. 

Crypto Unicorns revolves around the game’s NFT, the Unicorns. Like any other game, it has a life cycle. Unicorns start as an egg, they will get hatched, then evolve, and lastly, they can be paired with another Unicorn to breed a new one. The game will be available thru Polygon using the Ethereum blockchain, and it will consist of two main coins, the Rainbow Token (RBW) and the Unicorn Milk (UNIM).

RainBow Token (RBW) will be the primary value token in the Unicorn Metaverse. The ultimate goal of RBW is to decentralize the ownership and governance of the Crypto Unicorns Treasury and IP. It can be used to earn staking rewards, purchase items in the Rainbow Marketplace, breed and evolve unicorns pay entry fees for battle loops, and many more to come.

Laguna Games, Inc. is committed to decentralizing Crypto Unicorns via the RBW governance token. Over the coming years, this process will occur as they distribute RBW to players and community members who can stake RBW to participate in governance.

On the other hand, Unicorn Milk (UNIM) is an ERC20 Token used to breed and evolve Unicorns and craft high-value items and boosters. Players earn this currency by competing in various events and tournaments.


Unicorns are the game’s main NFT; each has a unique set of skills, defined by their genes, that make them suitable at different game modes such as racing, battling, and jousting. There are nine total Unicorn classes, the six primary classes are the heart, cloud, flower, candy, crystal, moon, and the three hidden classes are rainbow, omnom, and star.

Credits: Crypto Unicorn

When hatched, a Unicorn’s parts and genes define their unique genetic identity. Each part gives each Unicorn their visual traits, and the genes determine the stats/scores for each type of gameplay. All Unicorns of one class start with the same base stats. A Unicorn’s genes transform those base stats into what they are when the Unicorn hatches. Just like Axie, you can also breed Unicorns by pairing them.

Another NFT in the Unicorn metaverse is the Land. The Land is the game’s focal point; here, you can use your Unicorns to get rewards. It is fully customizable; you can put a variety of productive buildings such as; Stables, Nursery, Workshop, Gathering carts, and Farm Plots. Each of these buildings corresponds a task for your Unicorns. The Land has three rarities; common, rare, and mythic; each will be available once the game is released.

Credits: Crypto Unicorn

Players can form Neighborhoods by bringing their land plots together with guildmates. The Neighborhood is a feature that allows people to optimize for shared adjacency bonuses to maximize their productive output collectively.

Credits: Crypto Unicorn


Land Gameplay

Crypto Unicorn’s gameplay revolves around Land gameplay. In order to earn rewards, your Unicorn must complete specific tasks around the Land. Here are the different tasks the Land offers for you to earn rewards.

  • Farming

Players need to plant seeds and harvest berries. They can assign a Unicorn when planting seeds to increase berry production. Players can also feed berries on the Unicorns to further boost the berries production. These berries that you harvest can breed and evolve Unicorns; they can also be an ingredient in crafting. And, just like in real life, like any other farm animal, Unicorn poops, another chore that you will be doing on the farm.

Credits: Crypto Unicorn
  • Stables

After a long day at the farm, each Unicorn needs to rest, and that’s what the stables are. However, according to the game’s developers, more features will be added around the stables as the game’s roadmap progresses.

  • Workshop (Crafting)

Here, players can craft building materials and items. The crafting recipes available when the game is launched are materials, hatching, and evolution boosters. Additional recipes will be available as the game progresses.

  • Gathering Carts (Quest)

Gathering carts is the game’s version of doing quests. Here, you can send a Unicorn to a guest to gather valuable resources around the Unicorn Metaverse. While on a quest, players cannot assign the Unicorn in any game mode. It is also essential to know that Unicorns need to eat berries to get higher rewards. Also, a Unicorn needs one energy to go on a quest. Gathering carts will be very simple at launch, though developers will add a more solid questing system as the game progresses.

Credits: Crypto Unicorn
  • Nursery

Here, players can breed, hatch and evolve Unicorns. Hatching will be available 24 hours after breeding. And there will also be a specific time before evolving a baby Unicorn to an adult one.

Credits: Crypto Unicorn

PVP Battling and Tournaments (Battle Loops)

Aside from land gameplay, players can join PvP battles and tournaments to earn rewards. These game modes will be available sometime this 2022 and will not be available during launch.

Credits: Crypto Unicorn


If you ever watch the film A Knight’s Tale starring the late Heath Ledger, you will know what jousting is. In Crypto Unicorn, players can participate in jousting tournaments. Unicorns will use their horns to joust. There will be free tournaments, and some will require you to pay RBW and UNIM. The Unicorn with the highest score will be declared the winner when the tournament ends.


Another excellent gameplay they added is racing, of course, Unicorns are technically horses, and it’s only normal they race. Racing will feature different race tracks with attributes like class, distance, weather, and length designed to produce exciting events.

Battle Gameplay

Though still in development, according to them, this will be a MOBA-like 5v5 game mode with PvP and PvE components.

In a Nutshell

Crypto Unicorns might be for you if you’re just getting into a play-to-earn hobby. Whether you’re playing to earn or playing just for fun, the game has several ways to reward you, including:

  • Harvesting Berries and selling them on the market
  • Gathering on Lands Crafting Breeding, Evolution, and Building Materials and selling them on the market
  • Harvesting and crafting upgrade materials
  • Entering race events
  • Entering Jousting events and tournaments
  • PvE and PvP Battle
Credits: Crypto Unicorn

The developers are smart enough to add different kinds of game modes to make the game more entertaining. Some people get tired of a game because of its tedious gameplay, especially when it comes to these play-to-earn games; playing it continuously becomes a chore, and sometimes it takes away its fun. In Crypto Unicorn, you can try lots of things; if you’re not good at jousting, maybe racing is your thing, and if you’re good at it, you can earn, you can participate in tournaments to increase your earnings. The game’s design might be a little ambitious, but it could be bigger than Axie Infinity if they pulled this off. We will know more about the game when it’s fully released this May. As always, proceed with caution with any NFT Game investment.

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