How to fix no free transactions in ronin wallet

Happy new year everyone! This is going to be a quick article on how to fix no free transactions on your ronin wallet. If you’ve ever received SLP and have tried to send a transaction but you noticed that you have “Free x0” transactions in ronin. You need to do the following! Sign into the axie marketplace with your ronin wallet. When you login it’ll ask you for a name, name it whatever you want On the top left it will ask you to verify email / password, sign up for that You will be asked for a verification code.

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NFT Gaming and Esports – A tournament perspective

It’s been a while! I’ve been quite busy with my scholarship called SereiaScholarship. We received OVER 500 applications in 24 hours. Unreal stuff. We cannot meet the demand and we hope to get to everyone we can. For today’s article, I am going to talk about NFT Gaming and its emerging esports scene. I will specifically talk about Axie Infinity but I do believe there will be a major esports scene inside of the NFT gaming universe. What is NFT Gaming? NFT Games is a new trend of games that use blockchain technology which allow players to earn NFTs and

Lessons Learned for esports events – Project management guide

The fabled lessons learned meeting. One that often gets overlooked after esports events. Good project management principles should require a lessons learned meeting after an event (regardless of how good or bad it went). Non consistent event planners will more than likely wash their hands of the event and never look at it again to learn from it. So if you’re curious, I’ve taken some time to write about lessons learned meetings from my time in IT and many esports events. Here we go! What Are Lessons Learned? Why have them? Lessons learned aka Post Mortems Retrospective Lessons learned meetings