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How to get sponsorship in esports

If you want to plan an esports event and break even or make a profit, chances are you’re going to need sponsors at this current time. According to Newzoo, industry estimates say that sponsorship is a whopping 50-60% of current revenues. Over time, there will be a shift into media rights and merchandise / tickets but that is a while from now. So if you’re a new tournament organizer, looking to network in esports and make a name for yourself, or you’re a future team owner, how are you going to get sponsors? Here’s a quick guide on my experiences

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Esports Pitch Deck

Today i’ll go through a walkthrough on creating an esports pitch deck. If you’re new to my blog make sure you check out other articles such as budgeting an esports event, networking in esports and more esports articles. For the purposes of this article, I’m going to refer to Guy Kawasaki’s 10 / 20 / 30 rule on pitch decks but tailor it for esports specfically. I’ll walkt hrough all 10 slides and give a few examples of my own + mistakes I made along the way. By no means am I an expert in pitch decks but I am

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How has covid impacted esports? Growth in Canada and more

With sports resuming right around the corner and the majority of live events in esports have been cancelled due to the global pandemic going on. Esports has had quite an interesting run over the last few months. Many say esports is the only sport and let’s get these estonks. Some say esports will fade into the background again. I’ll speak about the topic at a very high level and give my thoughts. The tl;dr would be – Short term, yes covid has impacted the industry in a positive and negative way. Mid term, good recovery / plateau, Long term I’m