DeFi Kingdoms

One of the best things about NFT games is their flexibility. We have seen a turn-based card game on Axie Infinity, a horse racing game on Pegaxy, and now let’s take a look DeFi Kingdoms, a hero based game that lets you earn JEWEL. The game’s token that powers DeFi Kingdoms can be used to purchase NFTs such as items and heroes at the moment. In addition, JEWEL can also be used to vote for governance proposals for the future and growth of the project. The game is still in its early stages; many titles focus on buying and selling

Pegaxy: Horse Racing NFT Game

As days go by, more and more NFT games are coming out. Today, we look at the ever popular Pegaxy on the Polygon network. Currently, most of these games will require you to have a large upfront cost to play. However, more games are introducing scholarship or revenue share programs which allow more users to play without the upfront capital. In other games like Axie Infinity, they have an established scholarship program which allow you to split proceeds with someone else. In this article, we are going to talk about Pegaxy, a new horse racing NTF game, and its interesting

How to fix no free transactions in ronin wallet

Happy new year everyone! This is going to be a quick article on how to fix no free transactions on your ronin wallet. If you’ve ever received SLP and have tried to send a transaction but you noticed that you have “Free x0” transactions in ronin. You need to do the following! Sign into the axie marketplace with your ronin wallet. When you login it’ll ask you for a name, name it whatever you want On the top left it will ask you to verify email / password, sign up for that You will be asked for a verification code.