Writing a resume in esports for a job or opportunity

Whether you’re a fresh graduate looking to find your first job, someone looking to transition in esports or even someone in the industry who is looking for a job. Today I’ll go over writing a resume that’s specifically tailored for a job opportunity in esports. This will be generic tips on what an employer / recruiter / someone hiring for the position is specifically going to look for. I can do another post later on about a specific role + some interview questions. I just want to preface this by saying i’m not an HR recruiter and they can offer a lot of solid advice. If you know someone who is a recruiter, reach out to them as well. This is my personal experience from my own job hunting and looking at resumes for roles.

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OK, enough filler. Let’s start at some resume basics and what a person hiring would be looking for in the post.

  1. Find the job posting you’re looking for and read it over
    • Some questions to ask yourself during the process would be:
      • What is it that the hiring manager is looking for in this role? Usually there’s a snippet such as “XYZ company is an esports company since 2011 looking for an esports project manager that handle live events in the online & offline space” In this role you’ll do A (generally a hint of what you’ll do), B (another hint) and C.
      • Do I have all the job requirements they list in “requirements”. Honestly, you don’t need all of them but you should have a good majority so try and tackle or make aware a few good points in your resume. For example, if one of the first points is 2 years experience in esports, make sure you list that and how you satisfy that requirement.
      • Remember, there’s no perfect candidate. A lot of the job requirements list the ideal candidate and sometimes they exist. However, most of the time no one is a perfect fit for the role.
  2. Start updating your resume a bit to fit the role a bit more
    • For example, make sure if you’re applying for a marketing position in esports highlight that with some important highlights. Make sure they’re concrete and measurable.
      • A good marketing example could be this “Lead organic search growth from 10-50% in first year, reduced overall costs by 25% and increased traffic to XYZ website property by 50%. Achieved best in class marketing award in 2020”
      • If you’re in sales you can have a statement like this “Achieved XYZ sales (figure in a $ amount) in Q2 which was 10% higher than peers which lead to employee award”
  3. Try and add some colour or have a resume that stands out.
    • After looking at 3 hours of resumes a lot of them look the same in all honesty. If you have one that pops it helps it get noticed!
  4. I’d strongly recommend a cover letter
    • If you have a cover letter please don’t make it generic. At least tailor it to the role.
      • If you say you’re the best sales person ever tell me how you are. Backup your claims
      • Keep it to around .5 pages – 1 page tops. Please nothing longer
      • It also goes back to my earlier point, in the cover letter, make sure you show how you satisfy the job in esports. I don’t need a bullet list for each point or a life story. Keep it short and succinct
      • Try (if possible) to get the name of the hiring individual. It’s a nice touch. It’s hard sometimes so don’t sweat it if you can’t.
  5. Try to keep your resume to 1-2 pages.
    • Please don’t send everything you’ve done since you were 13
  6. Check for grammar and formatting
    • If you’re applying for a position in esports and you have 3 different fonts and 2 different sized fonts in a sentence I’m going to think it was a mistake and you’re not paying attention to detail
  7. Take your time
    • If a job posting comes out, don’t rush it but don’t take forever too.
  8. See if you know anyone at the company who can tell you about the role
    • This is where networking in esports is important. Remember that old tournament admin you met 2 years ago? Guess what, they’re now the VP of a large esports company and are hiring for a role (happens quite a bit actually!). Make sure to see if you know anyone who can reach out or tell you a bit about the job.
  9. Don’t get discouraged
    • Job huting sucks in general. Don’t get discouraged. Out of university it took me 6 months to find a role I wanted (hooray for the recession). Times are even worse now. Don’t beat yourself up over it.
  10. Ask a friend or family member to read over your application
    • Always great to get a fresh pair of eyes on your work
  11. Try to get a LinkedIn profile
    • It helps with job hunting / networking a bit. There’s a lot of “I’m the greatest ever in esports” on there so don’t pay too much attention to the posts. Sometimes you’ll get a genuine networking opportunity though.
  12. Be yourselfand good luck!
    • Writing resumes and cover letters takes a long time. Take breaks, play games and just keep at it. Don’t give up, it’ll come!

The above are some general tips and are not exhaustive. Finding a job is tough in general and esports is no different. If you have any questions be sure to leave a comment or reach out to me via email.

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