Standing Desks: A Gaming Setup Alternative

It has already been two years since the pandemic started, and many of us are still at home working. Even though a return to office may be imminent for some, there is always the factor of ergonomics. During this pandemic, streaming became one of the most viable means to earn money for some people. Gaming content creators from different social media platforms have increased significantly. And, even though the prices of PC components are at their peak (especially GPU), gaming PC setups have been in demand. A clean gaming setup has been a staple to all PC gaming enthusiasts; a

Infamous Cheating Scandals in esports

Whether you hate it or not, cheating will always be part of gaming. No matter how good the game’s anti-cheat engine is, people will always find a way to gain an advantage over other players. Wall hacking, aimbot, scripting, boosting, game fixing are just some kinds of blatant cheats some people do to get ahead in competition. We all know cheating is bad, but it’s even worse if you are a pro gamer. In this article, let’s look at some of the most infamous cheating scandals that happened in the esports scene. Forsaken Word.exe In May of 2018, OpTic Gaming

Some of the best Mechanical Keyboards Under 50 USD

Mechanical keyboards have been getting cheaper and cheaper over the years. Before, at 50 USD, you could only buy a decent membrane keyboard; now, that 50 can give you a great mechanical keyboard. This list is not only for those who want to enter the mechanical keyboard trend; this is also for enthusiasts looking for alternatives. So, without further ado, here are some of the best keyboards you can buy for $50 USD! Royal Kludge RK61 (White-LED, Bluetooth) Shopping Links: Amazon US, Royal Kludge A 60% keyboard with a very sleek design, this is the best buy if you’re looking