Afterschool esports programs

School esports programs and what to look for

Today I’ll change things up. I’m going to write about after school esports programs rather than my usual business of esports stuff. I’ll talk about potential programs, their benefits, some negatives, what to look out for and and whether it’s a good fit or not if you’re trying to enroll your child into an after school esports program. If you’re wondering who I am, what I’ve done in the space, please check out my accomplishments in esports. Why enroll your child into an esports program? There’s numerous reasons why you may or may not be interested in enrolling your child

Gaming Keyboard

Stories from behind the scenes of esports

I’m going to change things up today and list a few stories of people I met in esports. Going to keep them anonymous for the most part. After 10 years of esports I’ve met some pretty interesting people across the world. I’m going to share a few stories throughout 2021 so here it goes! Story 1 – Crypto Guy It was around 5 years ago or so and I got an offer of $10,000 USD to allow some random crypto currency to be our main sponsor. That crypto? Bitcoin. Just kidding. I’ve never heard of it and I don’t think

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How much do esports casters make?

Happy new year everyone. 2020 was a difficult year for many and I’m personally glad we have that year behind us. There are some positives heading into 2021 but we’re still not out of the woods yet. Stay vigilant and keep positive. For today’s topic, I’ll be covering how much do esports casters make when covering esports tournaments. If you’ve landed on this page based off curiosity and are potentially looking into getting into esports (part 2 as well) or you’re looking to know how much to get paid this may help or it may not. Casting gigs for the