Some of the best Mechanical Keyboards Under 50 USD

Mechanical keyboards have been getting cheaper and cheaper over the years. Before, at 50 USD, you could only buy a decent membrane keyboard; now, that 50 can give you a great mechanical keyboard. This list is not only for those who want to enter the mechanical keyboard trend; this is also for enthusiasts looking for alternatives. So, without further ado, here are some of the best keyboards you can buy for $50 USD! Royal Kludge RK61 (White-LED, Bluetooth) Shopping Links: Amazon US, Royal Kludge A 60% keyboard with a very sleek design, this is the best buy if you’re looking

Top Mobile Esports Games to Play Right Now

The Mobile Esports scene has gotten a lot of attention in the past years. It has broken several viewership records and prize pool money. As of now, it is mainly popular in the Asian Region, especially Southeast Asia, and China, but that will surely change in the future. Time definitely changed the world as we know it, who would have thought that a phone, a device used to communicate can now be used to earn thousands of dollars in the gaming scene? All you need is an internet connection, a decent mobile phone, and lots of patience as these games

Esports titles without the graphics card. An alternative gaming machine for budget gamers

As GPU prices continue to skyrocket, 2022 is still not looking suitable for PC builds on a budget. This article will provide an idea for gamers looking to build a custom PC but not spend all their money paying crazy GPU prices. AMD’s move to introduce their newer APU lineup gave hope to people who did not want to spend a fortune on expensive GPUs. In this article, let’s take a look at how you can play your favorite esports title by building an affordable PC that can still do some gaming. This won’t blow the socks off any sort