Lessons Learned for esports events – Project management guide

The fabled lessons learned meeting. One that often gets overlooked after esports events. Good project management principles should require a lessons learned meeting after an event (regardless of how good or bad it went). Non consistent event planners will more than likely wash their hands of the event and never look at it again to learn from it. So if you’re curious, I’ve taken some time to write about lessons learned meetings from my time in IT and many esports events. Here we go! What Are Lessons Learned? Why have them? Lessons learned aka Post Mortems Retrospective Lessons learned meetings


Ways to manage risk at esports events

Hello esports enthusiasts. We previously covered how much do esports events cost, managing an esports event and types of insurance at an esports event. For today, I’ll be covering Risk Management. Risk management is the process of identifying, assessing and controlling threats to an organization’s potential esports event. This could mean financially, physically or externally. There are numerous ways. Why is risk management in an esports tournament important? Plan for possible outcomes BEFORE they occur Internet outage PC’s breaking on stage Production issues Avoid the “How did that happen” “How did the event go so wrong” Allows you to save

Does Monitor Refresh Rate Matter for Esports Professionals?

If you’re a PC gamer, you’ve probably already heard about monitor refresh rates, but what exactly are they and how do they impact gaming? In this article, we talk about how Monitor Refresh Rate affects your gaming experience and why having an optimal set-up is necessary in competitive gaming. What is Monitor Refresh Rate? An important part of your gaming setup is a monitor with a decent, or if possible, high refresh rate. A monitor refresh rate refers to the frequency that a display is able to refresh images on screen per second; it is measured in Hertz, or Hz