Problems with NFT Games & Play to earn

While I am still bullish on the NFT gaming / blockchain gaming sector, there are some very glaring issues that have arisen in the last few months. These issues may prevent mainstream adoption and provide even more negative press to the play and earn / NFT gaming sector. There has been a ton of game tokens and releases in the NFT space recently. Almost TOO many in fact. It’s incredibly hard to keep up even as someone paying attention. In my opinion, 90% of NFT Games will more than likely go to 0 adding fuel to the scam or P&D


Overview There is a new crypto game in town, and it may not be something that you have seen before. Since last year, hundreds of play-to-earn NFT games have entered the crypto and the gaming world; some turned out to be good, and some did not. One of the major faults is why an NFT project fails when there is no established gameplay. Axie Infinity became the game that it is today because the developers focused on making gameplay and land. Crypto Raiders promised a compelling game with its RPG- dungeon crawler gameplay style. Although the gameplay is still on

What is Play to Earn in NFT Games?

With the emergence of play to earn in the crypto and gaming world, many developers and fans alike are asking; what is play to earn? Simply put, play-to-earn games are games in which the main goal is to earn and playing / enjoyment comes second. As of now, there are many of play-to-earn games coming or promising everything you can think of. However, as with any investment proceed with caution as this is high risk! One example that pulled the rug was the infamous Evolve Apes, Enthusiasts raised 2.7million USD for the game’s development, but the developers took the money,