What is OP, BM, and Tilt in gaming?

As esports and the gaming community continue to grow, so does its list of jargons. It can be useful to know these terms as it can be quite confusing since these terms are being used daily in the gaming community. Here, we define the terms OP, Tilt, and BM used in a gaming context and a few examples for its usage.

What is OP in gaming?

OP means overpowered. The meaning changes slightly depending on the context of the gaming abbreviation is used in, but it is generally understood as an adjective that is used to describe a particular character, ability, or other elements of either a game or a player as too powerful. OP is most often used in the context of multiplayer games and can sometimes be used to mean exceptionally good at the game. The term OP is much more common in discussions of multiplayer games usually referencing a single player or team’s ability.


“We have to ban Morgana, she’s too OP this patch.”  

“Korea won again this year. Are Koreans OP or what?”

“We should have lost that fight, I guess my team is just too OP.”

Gamers may sometimes use “OP” when talking about single-player games too. If a player character’s ability makes the game so easy, or if an AI is so powerful that it makes game progress extremely hard. 


“The only boss I didn’t beat in Dark Souls was Kalameet. He’s too f*ckin OP. “

“ALWAYS use aftershock on Alistar, it makes his engage OP” 

“I should have bought anti-healing earlier on. Yuumi’s healing is too OP”

Here’s a video analyzing OP abilities in league of legends:

What is TILT in gaming?

Tilt is a state of mind while playing video games wherein the player gets emotional over certain things. It can be a mistake that was made by a team mate or their opponents outplaying them. Some players specifically go out of their way to tilt other players, creating a mental advantage over them. BM can be a good example of this. Whenever an opposing player BMs a player that is easily tilted, it can have a good effect for their team because the tilted player might have a tendency to make emotional decisions that will negatively impact his playstyle. 


“Oh my god, this guy keeps spamming emotes. It’s actually tilting me.” 

“I’m so tilted from last game, I don’t think I wanna play anymore.”

Do you find yourself getting tilted in your games or in your day-to-day life? Read an article by the co-founder of BEAT Invitational who knows too well about burnout on work-life balance and how to “embrace the grind.”

In competitive multiplayer games, it is important to keep a calm and focused mindset. Being tilted is the opposite of that. The state of being tilted cause players to be more tense and emotional. As players, it can sometimes be hard to keep our composure especially when we are passionate about a game or when our team isn’t trying as much as we are, but that same passion can sometimes be our downfall and sometimes the team has their own way they play the game. So, stay level-headed and play your game. You got this!

To have a better understanding of tilt, here is a video of Tyler1 (a famous league streamer known to always tilt)

What is BM in gaming?

BM means bad manners. The gaming abbreviation means disrespectful behavior or unsportsmanlike conduct. BM can be shown in many ways, but common examples are spamming taunts, trash talk before, during, and after a game, spamming emotes, going AFK or leaving the game when your team is losing, not congratulating your opponent on winning, and being distasteful about your own victory to the enemy team, and a long list of other bad-mannered behavior. 

As esports have developed and pursued mainstream acceptance, player conduct has become increasingly important in supporting its growth. Friendly banter here and there is okay and is probably healthy in promoting content, but cursing another player in front of thousands of viewers? Probably not a good idea.

To give you better understanding, here is a video by theScore esports on the top 10 BM in esports.

The gaming community has always been criticized for its toxicity. While it is understandable that gamers are passionate for their chosen fields, and competition is what drives esports to greater heights, you can still be competitive and respectful of one another at the same time, especially during these trying times. 

Remember that it is also another person behind the screen, and we do not know the circumstances these other players are in. 

If there’s BM there is also GM (no, not Game Master, you donut.) or Good Manners, or simply sportsmanship. This is what makes esports, or gaming in general, such a great thing. Along with the grind and the climb, you will find camaraderie and the sense of belongingness that the gaming community provides. The connection that all gamers have, the passion for the game, and the competition that drives esports forward. These are what fill the arenas with millions of audiences and why fans root for their teams. This is why esports is timeless.

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Happy gaming and BM responsibly!

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