NFT Games with Play-to-Earn Mechanics

NFT Games is a new trend of games that use blockchain technology which allow players to earn NFTs and cryptocurrencies just by playing the game. Games like DotA 2, Fortnite, and League of Legends showed us that you can make tens of billions of dollars from a free to play game. But if you look at gaming from a player’s perspective, what can be better than a free-to-play game? Well, a game that pays you to play, which is essentially the new model of play-to-earn games.  This is made possible because NFTs allow you to sell game items such as

What is OP, BM, and Tilt in gaming?

As esports and the gaming community continue to grow, so does its list of jargons. It can be useful to know these terms as it can be quite confusing since these terms are being used daily in the gaming community. Here, we define the terms OP, Tilt, and BM used in a gaming context and a few examples for its usage.

Gaming computers

How to deal with major publishers in esports as a tournament organizer

We’ve discussed planning an esports tournament, dealing with pro teams in esports, preventing cheating in esports and more. However, we did not discuss one of the MOST important steps in getting a tournament going is your interactions with the major publishers. Why is this important? Well, some publishers can shut your tournament down faster than you can blink so it’s best to understand the rules and regulations they put in place. The publishers hold MAJOR power at the moment so it’s important to understand how each publisher reacts and what they look for. Some general tips and suggestions would be: