Why do esports players wear two headsets?

If you’ve seen an esports event, chances are you’ve seen esports players wear two headsets or event three. The reason for this is for preventing cheating at your esports event.

How does this prevent cheating?

The inner earbuds are for in game audio so the player can hear their game and teammates. Ie, Dota 2 audio, etc.

The outer headsets (depending on setup) feed whitenoise OVER their in game audio so they cannot hear the casters, fans etc. An alternative is a completely sound proof headset without white noise and white noise coming in from their own in ears. A poor setup can be the difference between competitive integrity and none whatsoever!

Chances are you’ve seen something like this:

The 8 Best Aviation Headsets for Pilots - Aircraft Compare
Aviation headset sometimes used at LANs

Bonus, sometimes you see THREE HEADSETS at a LAN. The reason for the third (often around the neck headset is because of sponsors. So the order would be like this:

  1. In ear headphones
  2. Tournament organizer sound proof headphones (generally with tape over them or a fake sponsor logo)
  3. Team headset around the neck
Thanks to theClosedGamer1 on reddit for the pic.

So that’s why esports players wear two headsets on LAN. Perhaps one day we’ll get back to LANs but until then. Stay safe! As always, contact me if you need anything or leave a comment below.

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