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Implement Kanban as high as you can organizationally

Welcome back! Here with another article today and to discuss some of the problems with isolated team level kanban and why you should aim to go as high as possible in the organization. I’ll discuss some of my experiences and go into the downsides of isolated team level kanban vs the organization level. This article isn’t here to downplay the impacts of Kanban and lean principles but show some of the downsides when you’re alone without support. For full context, I think Kanban and Lean are great and have shaped a lot of the background of what I do today.

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Balancing tech debt and product needs – Why is it important?

It’s been a while! A few weeks ago I wrote about work in progress limits and software delivery frequency. Today, I’ll be writing about technical debt or (tech debt) and why it’s important to manage as you scale. Tech debt isn’t just a large business problem to solve. It impacts startups and mid sizes organizations just as much. Let’s start off with some basics. What is technical debt? What is technical debt? Technical debt is a concept in software development that refers to the cost of making shortcuts or suboptimal decisions during the development process, which can lead to increased

Lessons Learned for esports events – Project management guide

The fabled lessons learned meeting. One that often gets overlooked after esports events. Good project management principles should require a lessons learned meeting after an event (regardless of how good or bad it went). Non consistent event planners will more than likely wash their hands of the event and never look at it again to learn from it. So if you’re curious, I’ve taken some time to write about lessons learned meetings from my time in IT and many esports events. Here we go! What Are Lessons Learned? Why have them? Lessons learned aka Lessons learned meetings occur AFTER the