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How much do esports casters make?

Happy new year everyone. 2020 was a difficult year for many and I’m personally glad we have that year behind us. There are some positives heading into 2021 but we’re still not out of the woods yet. Stay vigilant and keep positive. For today’s topic, I’ll be covering how much do esports casters make when covering esports tournaments. If you’ve landed on this page based off curiosity and are potentially looking into getting into esports (part 2 as well) or you’re looking to know how much to get paid this may help or it may not. Please note, rates change

Esports spelling

How to spell esports and does it matter?

Super simple on how to spell this. Lots of contention if it matters or not amongst the grizzled industry veterans. I don’t really care much but if you’re drafting an email or tweeting out in the wild and you want to seem like you’re in it, see below. How do you spell esports at the start of a sentence Esports How do you spell esports anywhere else? esports Does location matter on how you spell it? Generally in Europe/NA it’s those two. I’ve seen variations in Korea as e-Sports. Chances are it’s sticking to these two for NA/EU more than

How do esports orgs make money? – Part 2 Teams

In part 1 of how do esports orgs make money I discussed how tournament organizers make money in esports. In part 2, I’ll discuss some options and ways that teams make money in esports. This list isn’t exhaustive and is likely to change but there are some parallels between each vertical. I’m not going to include crowd funding, reverse takeovers or raises in this. This will be more traditional. So the way teams make money are: Sponsorships & Advertising Yes, you guessed it. Sponsorships are the lifeblood of most esports organizations and this includes teams as well!. It’s estimated that