Standing Desks: A Gaming Setup Alternative

It has already been two years since the pandemic started, and many of us are still at home working. Even though a return to office may be imminent for some, there is always the factor of ergonomics. During this pandemic, streaming became one of the most viable means to earn money for some people. Gaming content creators from different social media platforms have increased significantly. And, even though the prices of PC components are at their peak (especially GPU), gaming PC setups have been in demand. A clean gaming setup has been a staple to all PC gaming enthusiasts; a


Overview There is a new crypto game in town, and it may not be something that you have seen before. Since last year, hundreds of play-to-earn NFT games have entered the crypto and the gaming world; some turned out to be good, and some did not. One of the major faults is why an NFT project fails when there is no established gameplay. Axie Infinity became the game that it is today because the developers focused on making gameplay and land. Crypto Raiders promised a compelling game with its RPG- dungeon crawler gameplay style. Although the gameplay is still on

DeFi Kingdoms

One of the best things about NFT games is their flexibility. We have seen a turn-based card game on Axie Infinity, a horse racing game on Pegaxy, and now let’s take a look DeFi Kingdoms, a hero based game that lets you earn JEWEL. The game’s token that powers DeFi Kingdoms can be used to purchase NFTs such as items and heroes at the moment. In addition, JEWEL can also be used to vote for governance proposals for the future and growth of the project. The game is still in its early stages; many titles focus on buying and selling