Esports – What to look forward to in 2023

Overview Esports, in its most basic form, has been there since the 1970s and then revived itself in the 90s with Quake, but it hasn’t been until the past ten years that it has developed into a larger mainstream industry. Like most sectors, this one is currently impacted by significant global events. The return of spectators to live esports events in 2022 was one of the major esports event developments, following the measures put in place as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic. One of the largest cryptocurrency companies in the world, FTX, filed for bankruptcy last month. TSM, one

esports meme

Memorable memes used in esports

Whether it is a cheating attempt, a crazy one liner or an over exaggerated expression, the internet is all over it. Throughout the years esports has been a home to some of the most weird and ridiculous memes. Some of these memes might have a different meaning in some context, but as gamers, it is most likely that we’ve encounter them in our everyday matchmaking. Here are some of them. PogChamp Ah, the Pogchamp meme, the perfect storm of pure excitement and utter confusion. For those who are not familiar, it is a still image of commentator and streamer Ryan

What is web3 in simple terms

Hello all, it’s been a while! I’ll be attempting to write more over the coming months as winter approaches. Today I’ll try to explain web3 in simple terms and what might some potential use cases might be. This will probably be focused more so on gaming but I’ll have a few extra examples as well. What is web3 in simple terms? Web3 is a term used to describe the next generation of the World Wide Web, which is focused on providing more advanced capabilities for users. It is often associated with the use of blockchain technology, which allows for the