DeFi Kingdoms

One of the best things about NFT games is their flexibility. We have seen a turn-based card game on Axie Infinity, a horse racing game on Pegaxy, and now let’s take a look DeFi Kingdoms, a hero based game that lets you earn JEWEL. The game’s token that powers DeFi Kingdoms can be used to purchase NFTs such as items and heroes at the moment. In addition, JEWEL can also be used to vote for governance proposals for the future and growth of the project. The game is still in its early stages; many titles focus on buying and selling

DeFi and DAO in Gaming

What is DeFi? DeFi stands for Decentralized Finance. It is one of the aspects of the broader crypto space, DeFi offers most of the services of the mainstream financial world such as saving, investing, trading, and more that is controlled by the masses instead of a central entity or institution.  Decentralized Finance is challenging the traditional financial service providers and aims to eventually replace them. DeFi uses open-source codes, giving anyone who has the ability to build on pre-existing applications in a permissionless and composable manner. These codes are open to the public which makes transactions transparent, and anyone who