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Cycle Time Reduction - PC

How to reduce cycle time in software delivery

Back with another article! I’m going to discuss effective ways in reducing cycle time via work in progress limits and other methods for kanban / lean software delivery. These concepts can apply to scrumban as well. Make sure you familiarize yourself with DORA metrics as well as I give a high level overview. What is cycle time? In a software delivery context, cycle time is the period it takes from the moment a team begins work on a new feature, enhancement, or bug fix, until it’s delivered to production. Aka done done. Not dev done. This includes all the stages

Scrum Meetings

What are scrum meetings or ceremonies?

Switching gears for a bit, I will talk about scrum and its meetings. I normally talk about lean software delivery and have even spoken about scrumban (a hybrid approach). However, today I’ll specifically talk about a lot of peoples introduction to agile software delivery and scrum + its meetings. This article presumes you know a bit about scrum and need a refresher about its ceremonies or meetings. What are the scrum meetings or ceremonies? In a pure scrum standpoint, scrum ceremony is the official term. However, people do use scrum meeting or scrum meetings to also identify these. Who attends


What is scrumban in software delivery?

Scrumban is a hybrid Agile project management methodology that combines elements from both Scrum and Kanban. It was initially designed as a way to transition from Scrum to Kanban, but has since evolved into a standalone framework that takes advantage of the strengths of both systems. Here’s a brief overview of each, to provide context: What are some general benefits of scrumban? Does Scrumban use Velocity or Cycle & Lead Time? In Scrumban, key performance metrics from both Scrum and Kanban are used, with more emphasis on Kanban’s flow-based metrics like Cycle Time and Lead Time rather than Scrum’s Velocity.