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What is a TPM?

What is a technical program manager?

There’s a lot of confusion on what a technical program manager is and isn’t. It also varies wildly by each organization. Some are really technical whereas others aren’t as technical but have a lot more soft skills. I’ll get into my experiences on what the role likely is, how to get into it and where paths might go. What is a technical program manager? Most don’t really understand what a TPM is and isn’t. I see fairly generic postings confusing the role with a project manager or a scrum master or some sort of delivery manager on the team level.

Story point estimation computer

Story point estimation doesn’t matter on the wrong things

Back with a somewhat controversial topic. I find estimation for the sake of estimation a waste of time as teams generally focus on the wrong items in the backlog and agonize over the stuff that really doesn’t matter. What really matters is that top 15% which is truly important for the organization and your customers. That’s what you should focus on and leave the rest to discussions. Really, Why don’t you think story points matter? It’s not that I think they don’t matter, I think they’re an inefficient use of time for most teams. Here’s more to it: My team

How big will esports become meme photo

Esports is bad and needs a reset

I’ve wanted to write this for a while as the esports industry is going through some difficult times. That includes layoffs, team shuddering / being dropped, invoices not being paid and a whole laundry list of public companies nearing -90% from their all time highs. Your esports heroes from 2011 – 2015 which some might call the golden age are either retired, working somewhere or no longer in the industry. In the cover photo for this articles. That’s me and my friend Greg from back in the Dota 2 days. Yes, that’s us memeing the “how big will esports become”.