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Job in esports

Writing a resume in esports for a job or opportunity

Whether you’re a fresh graduate looking to find your first job, someone looking to transition in esports or even someone in the industry who is looking for a job. Today I’ll go over writing a resume that’s specifically tailored for a job opportunity in esports. This will be generic tips on what an employer / recruiter / someone hiring for the position is specifically going to look for. I can do another post later on about a specific role + some interview questions. I just want to preface this by saying i’m not an HR recruiter and they can offer

Legal Documentation

Esports lawyers – Do you need a lawyer in esports?

In 2011, when we started doing esports tournaments and events. We didn’t even think of consulting a lawyer let alone sign a contract for any of our sponsorships / team requirements. It wasn’t until early 2015 that we got a lawyer on retainer (yikes!). We took a huge amount of risk and having a lawyer is about mitigating risk and understanding the ins and outs of the legal document you’re going to sign. If I were to start planning esports events as a new person to the industry, I’d ensure that contracts with staff, sponsors and others as needed would

Esports event (controller)

Managing an esports event Part 2 – What can go wrong

In part 1 of managing an esports event from an esports project management standpoint, we looked at a few things that can go wrong. In part 2, I’ll share even more things that can possibly go wrong during the event. Proper esports tournament planning is always crucial so be sure to check out my guide on that too. If you’re looking at a budget or unsure where to start? Be sure to check out my esports tournament budget guide. You’re understaffed and didn’t plan accordingly. You thought you only needed 2 volunteers for your 8 team and 60 person LAN?