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Ragnarok Labyrinth, an Upcoming MMORPG NFT Game

The game is developed by Gravity a Korean company primarily known for developing the MMORPG (massively-multiplayer online role-playing games) Ragnarok Online. The game will only be available in Southeast Asian; however, it will also be released in other regions gradually. Similar to the original Ragnarok, it was first released in Korea then elsewhere based on its populartiy. Ragnarok games have been immensely popular in the Asian region since they launch the first Ragnarok game in the early 2000s. With this, the developers can hopefully bring their experience in developing actual games and identifying bugs and glitches with the game before

Burn Mechanism Ideas for Blockchain Games

When Axie Infinity rose in popularity, the world went crazy. The tagline was “blockchain games are the future” “NFTs are the future.” Different NFT content creators flooded the internet, and various games were created, games that introduced people to blockchain gaming. However, there is an underlying issue within the current majority of NFT games and that is token utility.  First, let’s understand what an NFT is.  NFTs are (non-fungible tokens) digital collectibles; they are created so that people can own things on the internet. You can buy different kinds of them; there are collectible NFTs like the UFC NFT, where


Problems with NFT Games & Play to earn

While I am still bullish on the NFT gaming / blockchain gaming sector, there are some very glaring issues that have arisen in the last few months. These issues may prevent mainstream adoption and provide even more negative press to the play and earn / NFT gaming sector. There has been a ton of game tokens and releases in the NFT space recently. Almost TOO many in fact. It’s incredibly hard to keep up even as someone paying attention. In my opinion, 90% of NFT Games will more than likely go to 0 adding fuel to the scam or P&D