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Cycle time formula

Cycle time formula in software delivery

It’s been a bit busy but I’m back with a requested article. How to calculate cycle time via a formula. This will be a quick article as calculating cycle time is really quick. For more in depth information, make sure you check out my article on DORA metrics and WIP limits. With that said, let’s define cycle time and go from there. What is cycle time? Cycle time in software delivery is a key metric used to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of a development process. It’s the amount of time from when work begins on a piece of software

Agile features

What is a feature in agile software delivery?

Back again with another software delivery article! Today we’re going to talk about what a feature and feature flag is in agile software delivery. They’re two distinct things but are related especially if you want to experiment often. We’ll talk about some pros and cons + a few other topics. Regardless of process, time to market, customer feedback and being “nimble” rather than following strict process that slows everything down is an important mantra in my mind.So let’s get to it! What is a feature in agile software delivery? A “feature” refers to a distinct element of functionality that can


Cycle time definition in software delivery

Back with a quick article today. I’m here to discuss the cycle time definition from a software delivery standpoint. Not to be confused with the lean approach from automotive industry. However, I will talk about it from a software delivery standpoint. For a really in depth guide and how to roll this out organizationally potentially, check out DORA metrics which can go hand in hand with a potential agile solution for your enterprise. It’s important to not get lost into frameworks and process. Make sure the customer feedback loops are short, high value is being driven and internal team members