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How to setup nightbot

This guide will be more catered to tournament organizers but some most of it is still generic enough and applicable enough to other streamers as well potentially. As a tournament organizer, one of your best tools at your disposal during the event is chat moderation. Having an automatic setup is absolutely key in having a good chat experience for those in your channel. If you haven’t already, check out some best practices on what to plan for in an esports event, marketing your esports event and dealing with esports publishers. Bonus, if you’re feeling extra paranoid check out my article


How do I enter tournaments for my esports team?

This will be a quick article on how to enter tournaments as an amateur team or player. I get a ton of questions on “how do I become pro and enter tournaments”. So, from a tournaments organizers perspective I’ll provide my thoughts. If you’re just starting out, be sure to also read how do esports teams make money, how to deal with pro teams and other roles you may need for your org in esports. Follow esports tournament organizers One of the easier ways to follow the tournament scene is to check out tournament organizers and follow their social media

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How to deal with major publishers in esports as a tournament organizer

We’ve discussed planning an esports tournament, dealing with pro teams in esports, preventing cheating in esports and more. However, we did not discuss one of the MOST important steps in getting a tournament going is your interactions with the major publishers. Why is this important? Well, some publishers can shut your tournament down faster than you can blink so it’s best to understand the rules and regulations they put in place. The publishers hold MAJOR power at the moment so it’s important to understand how each publisher reacts and what they look for. Some general tips and suggestions would be: