Esports interviews

Interviews tips on how to get a job in esports

Switching it up back into the career advice category, we went through networking in esports, writing a resume for your esports job and negotiating a salary in esports. What’s left is the what I completely forgot about. The job interview. The interview is one of the most important aspects of the job interview. Generally, there’s a few steps depending on your career level but i’ll try to speak about it as much as I can and generally. Here’s 7 tips on your acing your esports interview. Do some research on the company Do a bit of research on the company

Negotiating salary in esports

Negotiating a job offer & salary in esports

So you’ve started networking in esports and found a potential job lead. You’ve got some good vibes, sent your esports resume off and have been asked about a potential position! You’ve then interviewed for your role and need to discuss salary. That’s absolutely great news! Discussing salary can be an awkward discussion for many. Negotiating a salary is one of the most important steps as it’ll set you up for success in the future as well. Here are some tips from my non esports related jobs that can help you negotiate salary in esports as well. Know what your worth

Work life balance

Esports work life balance

After almost a decade in esports (wow time flies!), I’m going to give some general tips for esports work life balance. I know some may say “embrace the grind”, “hustle hard”, “my competitors are working when I’m not” which is valid to a certain point. I know many peers who have not taken more than two days off in multiple years and it’s not sustainable. I’ve seen a few colleagues have huge breakdowns and take multiple months off to heal up. Rather than getting to a certain breaking point, I believe it’s better to be consistent in looking after yourself.