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How much do esports casters make?

Happy new year everyone. 2020 was a difficult year for many and I’m personally glad we have that year behind us. There are some positives heading into 2021 but we’re still not out of the woods yet. Stay vigilant and keep positive. For today’s topic, I’ll be covering how much do esports casters make when covering esports tournaments. If you’ve landed on this page based off curiosity and are potentially looking into getting into esports (part 2 as well) or you’re looking to know how much to get paid this may help or it may not. Casting gigs for the

Team Building

Esports team building for your virtual corporate office

This post will be quite different than my traditional esports posts. Normally I cater to industry people who are looking for assistance with specific topics in esports. However, with covid on the rise and traditional work parties out of the question, there’s no better time to talk trash to your boss over some call of duty or your office’s favorite game. Team building is a great way to break up the tough year many of us have had and what better way than playing some Smash bros, Fortnite or some Rocket League with your peers. No? Well, some of those