Pegaxy: How to rent your first pega in pegaxy

Over the weeks, Pegaxy has risen into popularity, and because of this, Pega’s price has increased dramatically. Early adopters and long time NFT traders may not have any issues paying peak prices. However, that is not the case for many. There are two ways to get a pega off the rental market. While getting a shared-profit Pega is a great thing, it is almost impossible to get one. One of the remarkable things about Pegaxy is its Renting features, where you can rent a Pega with a bit of money and use it to earn your own Vis (Vigorus) token.

Pegaxy: Horse Racing NFT Game

As days go by, more and more NFT games are coming out. Today, we look at the ever popular Pegaxy on the Polygon network. Currently, most of these games will require you to have a large upfront cost to play. However, more games are introducing scholarship or revenue share programs which allow more users to play without the upfront capital. In other games like Axie Infinity, they have an established scholarship program which allow you to split proceeds with someone else. In this article, we are going to talk about Pegaxy, a new horse racing NTF game, and its interesting