Lengthy manual deployments and calls are risky business

Have you ever worked somewhere where they deployed once a quarter? I have. It sucks and it’s super risky. On the other hand, I’ve been at places where we push to production over 1000+ times a week. “But we have 75 people on the call and they’re all paying attention”. Yeah, OK. I’ve been on these and I’ve heard people sleeping. Midnight calls suck and sleep deprived people who are deploying large amounts of code with a lot of steps manually is RIPE for error. Making mistakes happen and “short deployments” turn into hours and you get delayed even further.

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Frequent vs Infrequent software releases / delivery

I’ve previously worked at banks which released veryyyyyy infrequently. I’m talking quarterly or half year windows. Releases are a big fucking deal over there because if you can’t release you gotta wait for the next window a few months down road (awful I know). However, sometimes there’s a specific reason why banks or old organizations function that way. The world’s best software teams tend to release software more frequently. This approach allows them to be more agile, responsive to user feedback, and maintain a competitive edge in the market. These teams often adopt Agile methodologies, DevOps principles, and Continuous Integration/Continuous