How to Join Esports as a Beginner: Introduction to Esports

Esports is a rapidly growing industry around the world. More and more people are coming to realize the potential in esports and are starting to pivot towards the industry. Just like in every profession, whether it be a professional player, content creator, or tournament organizer, you need to be skilled in your craft and you have to understand your strengths and know how to apply them. Every beginner in esports have to establish and immerse themselves in the community. From there you can generate income from your content, and possibly obtain partnerships, sponsorships and participate in tournaments.  Whether you’re a

What is esports and why do people watch it?

So, what is esports and why do people like myself watch it? Great question. There’s a great debate on what defines esports and I believe that it is an evolving set of criteria. I’ll go through a rough definition and then Definition Esports can be described as a competition in a video game between two or more individuals in a competitive manner. Generally between professional players. For example, one of the oldest esports (Quake) was an arena FPS between two players competing at the highest level to see who would be the best at Quake. PS best Quake song and