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Enterprise agile building

What are agile enterprise solutions?

Today i’ll talk about a few agile enterprise solutions and what they might mean for your organization. Firstly, this varies wildly from company to company. My experience is specifically around lean software delivery and dora metrics. I’ll talk about a few available solutions and what might a VP/ CTO at a mid to large company look for and try to avoid in a agile enterprise solution. As with any solution, it’ll really depend on your needs and what you’re looking to accomplish. A startup will need something VERY different than a large enterprise organization with 1000s of team members. Same

Software Delivery Team

What is agile consulting at an organization?

Back with an article from a consulting standpoint about agile consulting! I’ve spoken about software delivery concepts such as Dora metrics, WIP Limits, reducing cycle time and more. However, I’ve spoken mostly non scenario based. Today, I’ll speak about how an agile consultant might help you in your journey when you’re a new CTO or perhaps scaling your organization. I’m not talking about someone trying to sell you bullshit frameworks for days with their team of 20. I’m talking about customer value and how to deliver that. I’ll go over a few scenarios and if you have any questions you

Cycle Time Reduction - PC

How to reduce cycle time in software delivery

Back with another article! I’m going to discuss effective ways in reducing cycle time via work in progress limits and other methods for kanban / lean software delivery. These concepts can apply to scrumban as well. Make sure you familiarize yourself with DORA metrics as well as I give a high level overview. What is cycle time? In a software delivery context, cycle time is the period it takes from the moment a team begins work on a new feature, enhancement, or bug fix, until it’s delivered to production. Aka done done. Not dev done. This includes all the stages