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Does having a degree in esports help my career in esports?

As the esports industry matures, so do the amount of people involved in the space. Recently, we’ve seen Universities offering programs in esports and looking to get attention of a hot new space. Some examples have been Durham College, UC Irvine and Staffordshire University in London. Staffordshire has gotten some bad press recently with their latest tweet claiming that “Soon, working in esports will require a university degree”. While I disagree with that statement and it’s wording, I’m not going to discount an individuals application solely off a degree. In esports, relevant experience is probably the number on driving factor


Getting involved in esports – Part 1 Project Management

Today I’m going to cover a topic of getting involved in esports and how I got started. Before I begin, I’ll give a bit of background about myself and my experience. By day, I’m an agile project manager but also have extensive esports project management experience since 2011. This article will be a bit more project management oriented but it can apply for those of you who want to get into esports. For those interested in getting into esports or starting out, some topics like “Where do I begin” or “How do I start” may pop up frequently. The best