Work life balance

Esports work life balance

After almost a decade in esports (wow time flies!), I’m going to give some general tips for esports work life balance. I know some may say “embrace the grind”, “hustle hard”, “my competitors are working when I’m not” which is valid to a certain point. I know many peers who have not taken more than two days off in multiple years and it’s not sustainable. I’ve seen a few colleagues have huge breakdowns and take multiple months off to heal up. Rather than getting to a certain breaking point, I believe it’s better to be consistent in looking after yourself.

Opportunities in esports

Getting involved in esports (Part 2) – Types of esports jobs

Finding a job in esports is always difficult. You need to write a resume, prep for an interview, interview some more until you get that job! Previously, I wrote a Part 1 about getting involved in esports and discussed general involvement and more specifically about project management in esports. I also discussed if having a degree in esports helps get you a job in esports. Part 2 will be about some types of esports jobs. There are quite a few so I’ll try to name at least 20 here. By no means is this list exhaustive and i’ll probably do