Remote Esports Jobs: Career Opportunities in the Industry

Esports is a rapidly growing industry that offers endless opportunities, not just for professional gamers, but for all kinds of career paths. A common misconception is that video games are not sustainable and is not something that can provide for a living. But esports actually presents genuine opportunities with potential career growth and has a market that is highly sought after by entrepreneurs.

legal documentation

Esports lawyers – Do you need a lawyer in esports?

In 2011, when we started doing esports tournaments and events. We didn’t even think of consulting a lawyer let alone sign a contract for any of our sponsorships / team requirements. It wasn’t until early 2015 that we got a lawyer on retainer (yikes!). We took a huge amount of risk and having a lawyer is about mitigating risk and understanding the ins and outs of the legal document you’re going to sign. If I were to start planning esports events as a new person to the industry, I’d ensure that contracts with staff, sponsors and others as needed would