Stories from behind the scenes of esports – Part 2

In behind the scenes stories of esports part 1, I shared some random stories of what I’ve experienced in esports. They included how rough our first tournament was, crypto guy, Tesla Kyle and SirActionslacks casting PUBG. In part 2 I’ll share a few more random ones that I hope you’ll enjoy. Begging for money Pitching for esports dollas Yes, when I wrote my first pitch deck (which was horrible btw) I think I went through about 30 revisions before showing it to anyone outside of my close circle. Comments included: After we started getting some positive feedback. We started pitching

legal documentation

Esports lawyers – Do you need a lawyer in esports?

In 2011, when we started doing esports tournaments and events. We didn’t even think of consulting a lawyer let alone sign a contract for any of our sponsorships / team requirements. It wasn’t until early 2015 that we got a lawyer on retainer (yikes!). We took a huge amount of risk and having a lawyer is about mitigating risk and understanding the ins and outs of the legal document you’re going to sign. If I were to start planning esports events as a new person to the industry, I’d ensure that contracts with staff, sponsors and others as needed would