School esports programs and what to look for

Today I’ll change things up. I’m going to write about after school esports programs rather than my usual business of esports stuff. I’ll talk about potential programs, their benefits, some negatives, what to look out for and and whether it’s a good fit or not if you’re trying to enroll your child into an after school esports program. If you’re wondering who I am, what I’ve done in the space, please check out my accomplishments in esports. Why enroll your child into an esports program? There’s numerous reasons why you may or may not be interested in enrolling your child

Esports certificates – What to look for

A while back I spoke about if doing a degree in esports was worth the trouble. I spoke about what to look for in a program and what should take place that hopefully can put a student on the right path. Today, I’ll talk about the world of esports certificates and what to hopefully look for when choosing them. There are a lot popping up and it’s important to make sure you choose one that can offer you something in the world of esports. A couple of questions to ask yourself would be the following: Who is part of the