Story point estimation computer

Story point estimation doesn’t matter on the wrong things

Back with a somewhat controversial topic. I find estimation for the sake of estimation a waste of time as teams generally focus on the wrong items in the backlog and agonize over the stuff that really doesn’t matter. What really matters is that top 15% which is truly important for the organization and your customers. That’s what you should focus on and leave the rest to discussions. Really, Why don’t you think story points matter? It’s not that I think they don’t matter, I think they’re an inefficient use of time for most teams. Here’s more to it: My team

Scrum Meetings

What are scrum meetings or ceremonies?

Switching gears for a bit, I will talk about scrum and its meetings. I normally talk about lean software delivery and have even spoken about scrumban (a hybrid approach). However, today I’ll specifically talk about a lot of peoples introduction to agile software delivery and scrum + its meetings. This article presumes you know a bit about scrum and need a refresher about its ceremonies or meetings. What are the scrum meetings or ceremonies? In a pure scrum standpoint, scrum ceremony is the official term. However, people do use scrum meeting or scrum meetings to also identify these. Who attends


What is scrumban in software delivery?

Scrumban is a hybrid Agile project management methodology that combines elements from both Scrum and Kanban. It was initially designed as a way to transition from Scrum to Kanban, but has since evolved into a standalone framework that takes advantage of the strengths of both systems. Here’s a brief overview of each, to provide context: What are some general benefits of scrumban? Does Scrumban use Velocity or Cycle & Lead Time? In Scrumban, key performance metrics from both Scrum and Kanban are used, with more emphasis on Kanban’s flow-based metrics like Cycle Time and Lead Time rather than Scrum’s Velocity.