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How to fund your esports tournament prize pool

Hosting a tournament is always a difficult initiative. You’ve planned your tournament, gotten approvals from the publisher in esports, and figured out a theoretical esports tournament organizer business model. So now it’s time to pay the bills and get some revenues in for your tournament. Here’s 5 ways to to bring in revenue as an esports tournament organizer. Charge Money / Have buy-ins This method is quite unpopular but i’ll lead with it for a specific reason. Outside of a few games this method is not really liked by a ton of players. Unlike poker, this has not caught on

Stories from behind the scenes of esports – Part 2

In behind the scenes stories of esports part 1, I shared some random stories of what I’ve experienced in esports. They included how rough our first tournament was, crypto guy, Tesla Kyle and SirActionslacks casting PUBG. In part 2 I’ll share a few more random ones that I hope you’ll enjoy. Begging for money Pitching for esports dollas Yes, when I wrote my first pitch deck (which was horrible btw) I think I went through about 30 revisions before showing it to anyone outside of my close circle. Comments included: After we started getting some positive feedback. We started pitching

How to start an esports team – General tips

How to start an esports team So you’re going to start an esports team and your goal is to play in the largest tournaments and events. Before you get to that point, you need to lay some foundational ground work on how you’re going to generate revenue a brand awareness and all the extra things that come in with owning a team. Come up with a name that’s unique Come up with something that’s identifiable and unique. Good names are hard and unique and good names are even harder to come up with. Always look up the name prior to