Stories from behind the scenes of esports – Part 2

In behind the scenes stories of esports part 1, I shared some random stories of what I’ve experienced in esports. They included how rough our first tournament was, crypto guy, Tesla Kyle and SirActionslacks casting PUBG. In part 2 I’ll share a few more random ones that I hope you’ll enjoy. Begging for money Pitching for esports dollas Yes, when I wrote my first pitch deck (which was horrible btw) I think I went through about 30 revisions before showing it to anyone outside of my close circle. Comments included: After we started getting some positive feedback. We started pitching

How to deal with major publishers in esports as a tournament organizer

We’ve discussed planning an esports tournament, dealing with pro teams in esports, preventing cheating in esports and more. However, we did not discuss one of the MOST important steps in getting a tournament going is your interactions with the major publishers. Why is this important? Well, some publishers can shut your tournament down faster than you can blink so it’s best to understand the rules and regulations they put in place. The publishers hold MAJOR power at the moment so it’s important to understand how each publisher reacts and what they look for. Some general tips and suggestions would be: